Tony Tasset b. 1960, USA


Tony Tasset has become renowned for creating work that satirizes our culture of exhibition and display. His work engages with the principle that the formation and understanding of our history is crucially affected by the manner in which our most esteemed objects are displayed and how our most cherished narratives are told—an approach that harkens Marshall McLuhan’s axiom, “The medium is the message.” Works like Tasset’s Hot Dog Man (2011), Bear (2012), and Rainbow (2012) have come to epitomize his work. Referencing the fiberglass advertisements common in America’s Midwest or on eastern seaboard boardwalks, these sculptures tap into a tradition of amusement and advertising culture considered unique to the United States. In these pieces, dime novelties and highway side attractions are presented within the context of fine art, a synthesis which equates dichotomous ends of the traditional cultural evaluative spectrum.